Saturday, 6 March 2010

Base Coat

When painting our nails we all know not to get nail varnish all over our cuticles because it is drying and lets face it quite unsightly. However, there is another reason why a professional manicurist or nail technician leaves a small space around the edge of the nail plate and the cuticle, which is to help your manicure last longer. The aim is to create a seal so that water cannot get under the nail varnish, base and top coat; if you go over onto the cuticle you will create a weakness or an air bubble in the seal, as the varnish lifts away from your skin; which will allow water to sneak under your manicure. A common mistake, is although, special care is taken with the application of your nail colour, there is a tendency to slosh your base and top coat over your cuticles because it is clear. Also remember to run your top coat along the free edge of your nail, which will help to seal your nail varnish in and reduce peeling and chipping.

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